• As a first time home buyer, I had a million questions and felt particularly vulnerable as I didn’t have the time to buy a book or take a class to become a home buying pro.  Ronnen took excellent care of me and never made me feel like I was being sold something.  I think that’s probably what I liked the most when working with him – he was always honest and direct and has excellent customer service skills.  It’s obvious that he loves what he does.  I hope to recommend him to anyone I can….finding someone to help you on a home purchase that you can trust, makes themselves available when you need them and has a keen business sense to negotiate good deals is critical and Ronnen did all of that.

    Rick Smith

  • Had a great experience working with Ronnen! He was always available to us, when we needed him. We were 1st time home buyers and had many many questions but he never got irritated. He followed through with every thing we needed. If he didn’t know the answer right away, he looked up and got back to us immediately. He never pushed us to make decisions in  hurry. Overall, very polite, knowledgeable and nice person to work with. I will recommend him to all my friends and family.

    Shee S

  • Ronnen is far beyond a “good” realtor. Ronnen is patient, he answered all the questions for a first-time buyer like me. Ronnen is enthusiastic, he replied almost all my messages within 1 hour no matter what day it is and helped me to close my deal within a week! Most importantly, Ronnen is professional, he knows most of the good neighborhood in LA and can give you very useful advice when you need to make some improvements to your apartment. If you need a real estate agent, just go for Ronnen.

    Lena G.

  • My fiance and I purchased our first house with Ronnen’s assistance. He is a real gem in the real estate business – honest, diligent, and responsive. I have met and worked with certain number of realtors under personal and professional circumstances, hence I am able to give my well-informed review of Ronnen. He is passionate to fight for his clients, yet not too hungry and aggressive. He offers his analysis openly about the purchase, and respect client’s opinion. He walks through every piece of documents with the clients. He follows up timely with all parties to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. It has been a great experience working with Ronnen. I highly recommend him.

    Yijie Y

  • Ronnen is the exception to the rule when it comes to agents. He consistently puts himself in the shoes of the buyer and all of his actions stem from this perspective. As a result, you feel that he is always guiding you in a way that is aligned to your goals. He was a trusted adviser in the recent purchase of a condo. And in a very competitive seller’s market, he surprised me with his counsel. He knew that I wanted to be aggressive in negotiations. And even where it might have put his commission at risk, he stood by my requests. He pushed back when it mattered. However, he consistently worked to make my goal(s) happen, even when his own short-term stake may have been in question.

    Jordi Matsumoto

  • I’ve been looking to buy a condo for my son for several months with no luck.  I then ran into Ronnen at an open house and enjoyed speaking to him about real estate because of his knowledge and honesty.  Ronnen followed up with me the next day and we went over what I was looking for.  He mentioned a condo in his building which was looking for backup.  I came to his building and loved the condo.  We got an accepted offer as backup, but I still didn’t like the chances of the original offer falling through.  Ronnen then took the initiative and was able to convince one of the other homeowners in the building to sell.  They accepted our offer.  Ronnen made the escrow process really smooth and easy.  He was always available for my phone calls and cared about my needs.

    Louis Wolff

  • Ronnen was an amazing real estate agent.  He was able to help me find my dream condo in West LA.  He went to view properties with me, advised me on whether it was a good value, and really showed that he cared about my needs.  This was my first home purchase and before we even worked together he went over the entire process of buying a new home so that I felt comfortable about what to expect.  It really calmed me down about buying a condo.  I would recommend Ronnen to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, he is a professional.

    Adi Hed