West LA/Westwood has several shopping options for locals to visit. From two malls to trendy boutique stores, you can find a store that caters to your shopping needs.  Below are some of the shopping places to check out.

Century City Mall: This mall is a beautiful high end outdoor mall located right in century city.  There are clothing stores, electronic stores, boutique stores, a movie theater, restaurants, food court, and supermarket.  This mall has everything a shopper would need.  It is beautifully designed and constructed and has a nice appeal.  Some of the stores include Macy’s, Bloomingdale, Gap, Banana Republic, Zara, Apple Store, Louis Vuitton, Microsoft, and many more.

Westside Pavilion: This mall is also located in West LA/Westwood but is an indoor mall instead of outdoors.  It is a typical indoor mall that you would expect and includes many popular shops, a movie theater, food court, and a restaurant called Westside Tavern.   Some of the stores that are located in this mall include, Aldo, Bare Minerals, Bath and Body Works, Brookstone, Forever 21, Gap Kids, H&M, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, and many more.  If it’s raining outside or you prefer being indoors then Westside Pavilion is the mall for you.

Westwood Village: This neighborhood is located right off campus of UCLA.  It includes shops, movie theaters, and restaurants.  This is very popular place to walk around as a college student but also popular with nearby residents.  Everything is outdoors and comprises of several city blocks going north and south, and east and west.  Some of the local stores include, American Apparel, Bel Air Camera, Brandy Melville, Francesca’s, One Source, Trader Joe’s, Victoria’s Secret, and many more.  If you like to walk outdoors and just browse many stores within several city blocks then Westwood Village is a great place to do that.