West LA and Westwood is neighborhood in Los Angeles with a combination of residential and commercial properties. Situated east of Santa Monica, west of Beverly Hills, and south of Bel Air, West LA/Westwood is a very central location to live in the Westside of Los Angeles. Approximately half of West LA is located east of the 405 freeway while the other half is west of the 405 freeway. UCLA College is located in Westwood and has a great neighborhood of shops, a college campus with dorms and apartments, and also beautiful single family homes and condos.
West LA and Westwood is a moderately diverse neighborhood with a breakdown of whites, Asians, Latinos, blacks, and others. The two most populous are whites at 63% and Asians at 23%. From a 2010 census the median range for Westwood is 27 years old. This could be because of several factors. The college community has a big population with young kids in their late teens and early twenties. Also more young professionals are moving into the Westwood and West LA neighborhood.

Compared to the prices of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and Bel Air, West LA/Westwood is more competitive and offers more for your money. If you’re looking to live in a central location in the Westside of Los Angeles and pay a little less than the neighboring areas than WestLA/Westwood could be a great place to live.