Brentwood is an affluent city located in the Westside of Los Angeles. It is east adjacent to Santa Monica but west of the San Diego Freeway. The district of Brentwood is situated at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains. Brentwood’s real estate comprises of rental apartments, condos, single family homes, and mansions. Some of the homes are known to be the most expensive and grand homes in Los Angeles. Brentwood is also infamous for where the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder occurred.
Brentwood is a member of a group of nearby affluent neighborhoods known as one of the “Three B’s”, which also include Bel Air and Beverly Hills. It has a population of approximately 34,000 residents with a median income of $112,927 according to 2008 U.S. Census. It has two public schools and seven private.

The majority of Brentwood is residential which gives it a very suburban feeling. There is however several blocks of boutique stores, restaurants, and service businesses located on San Vicente Blvd. It is a very desirable location to live near because it is walking distance and residents like that they don’t need to drive.