More than just your Realtor

As a real estate professional, I bring a unique perspective to buyers and sellers in which most agents don’t offer.  First the areas I focus on are locations where I currently live or lived in the past, so I have firsthand knowledge of the communities and what each area has to offer.  Second, I genuinely care about all of my clients and I treat their money like it was my own.  Finally, I make sure to educate my clients as much as possible so that they can make the most informed decision.

Being an analytical person, I help buyers and sellers remove some of the emotional aspects involved in making real estate decisions, so that my clients can make more intelligent vs. emotional decisions.  When my clients remove some of the emotions of how they feel about a home, they can make wiser choices about how much they are willing to pay for a home.


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Featured Properties

999 N Doheny West Hollywood Realtor 2 $899,000

999 N DOHENY DR #703 

West Hollywood

2276 Beverly Glen Century City Realtor 0 $699,999

2276 S. Beverly Glen #205

West LA-Westwood

10671 Holman Westwood Realtor 1 $949,000

10671 HOLMAN AVE #305 

West LA-Westwood

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Area Of Focus

  • Mar Vista-Palms
  • Cheviot Hills
  • Brentwood
  • Santa Monica
  • West LA-Westwood
  • Beverly Hills
Mar Vista-Palms is a highly diverse residential and commercial neighborhood located south adjacent to West Los Angeles. The population of Mar Vista-Palms is approximately 85,000 residents with a great diversity of Whites, Latinos, Asians, and African Americans. The home types include single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, condos, and apartments. Read More ...
Cheviot Hills is an affluent neighborhood of single family homes on the Westside of Los Angeles. It was founded in 1924 and has been used for filming for many television shows and movies due to its close proximity to Fox and Sony studios. Over the years Cheviot Hills has been home to many celebrities and it is patrolled by security guards. Read More ...
Brentwood is an affluent city located in the Westside of Los Angeles. It is east adjacent to Santa Monica but west of the San Diego Freeway. The district of Brentwood is situated at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains. Brentwood’s real estate comprises of rental apartments, condos, single family homes, and mansions. Some of the homes are known to be the most expensive and grand homes in Los Angeles. Brentwood is also infamous for where the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman murder occurred. Read More ...
Santa Monica is a beachfront city located in western Los Angeles County, California. The city is named after the Christian Saint, Monica. Santa Monica is bordered on three sides by the Pacific Palisades to the north, Brentwood on the northeast, West Los Angeles and Mar Vista on the east, and Venice on the southeast. Santa Monica is home to many Hollywood celebrities and executives and is a mixture of affluent single-family neighborhoods, renters, surfers, professionals, and students. Read More ...
West LA-Westwood is neighborhood in Los Angeles with a combination of residential and commercial properties. Situated east of Santa Monica, west of Beverly Hills, and south of Bel Air, West LA-Westwood is a very central location to live in the Westside of Los Angeles. Approximately half of West LA is located east of the 405 freeway while the other half is west of the 405 freeway. UCLA College is located in Westwood and has a great neighborhood of shops, a college campus with dorms and apartments, and also beautiful single... Read More ...
Beverly Hills is a highly affluent city in Los Angeles. Synonymous with extreme wealth, mansions, high end shopping, and celebrities, Beverly Hills is one of the most famous cities in America. Investors originally came to Beverly Hills in the early 1900s to look for oil; however they had failed and found water instead. They decided to develop it into a town. Read More ...